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The Princess and the Beetle (2021)
Background Painting & Layout Design.

This film takes place in a small church courtyard in Mexico, where countless childhood memories were made.

A bittersweet film is about growing up, grief, and international relationships. Although grief is painful, I wanted the film to feel warm and ethereal.

The Temple of the Mine (2020)
By Carl Mongan

Background Painting & Layout Design.

The Temple of the Mime transports audiences to a fictional era, drawing inspiration from a blend of Egyptian, French, and Roman architectural influences. We follow a professor and explorer as they explore the temple.

The Groove Is In The Heart (2019)

Background Painting & Layout Design.

This was a music video for the song The Groove Is In The Heart by Deelite.

The inspiration for this project came from my love of midcentury painting techniques, color palettes, and imagining the nightlife of the late 60s to early 70s.

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