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'Pearl White's Smile Guide'
A children's book about dental hygiene and establishing healthy oral care habits early: in this book, Pearl White is on a mission to teach kids that the dentist's office isn't such a scary place after all. Available now on Amazon.

Call Me Kat 

FOX Entertainment - Broadcast Design
Season 3 of Call Me Kat on FOX starring Mayim Bialik -  Visual development for Brand Packaging.

When Jesse Met Jazzy...
An Illustrated CD cover inspired by When Harry Met Sally. As a queer artist, I am always looking for ways to see myself in the stories that inspire me. Representation matters.

The Adventures of JAX and Kitty Meow (2022)
By Gabriel Espinoza

JAX is in her early teens, chronically updating their every move on social media alongside Kitty Meow, an old and grouchy cat, fleeing from a mouse to whom he owes money due to a past gambling addiction in the 90s.

The duo posing as ghost hunters to gain internet fame inadvertently stumbled upon misadventures, time-traveling adventures, and a particularly nasty little mouse, finding themselves in a series of sticky situations.