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'Pearl White's Smile Guide'
A children's book about dental hygiene and establishing healthy oral care habits early: in this book, Pearl White is on a mission to teach kids that the dentist's office isn't such a scary place after all.

When Jesse Met Jazzy...
An Illustrated CD cover inspired by When Harry Met Sally. As a queer artist, I am always looking for ways to see myself in the stories that inspire me. Representation matters.

Call Me Kat 

FOX Entertainment - Broadcast Design
For season 3 of Call Me Kat on FOX starring Mayim Bialik, I created concept designs for the marketing of the show including original illustrations. Although in the end my designs were not selected I thoroughly enjoyed working on these designs and the opportunity to do so.

written and illustrated by: Jasmine Alvarez

"Two aspiring young artists on opposite sides of the globe find each other online as the world around them simultaneously comes to a halt in early 2020. With no way of seeing one another in person, they find creative ways to communicate their affection. Can you fall in love without ever meeting? Does distance really make the heart grow fonder?"

Currently working on this project...

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