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The Adventures of JAX and Kitty Meow (2022)
By Gabriel Espinoza

JAX, a teenager in her early teens, is like many of today's teenagers who constantly update their every move on social media. Kitty Meow, an old and grouchy cat, fleeing from a mouse to whom he owes money due to a past gambling addiction back in the 90s.

Initially, JAX and Kitty Meow pretended to be ghost hunters to gain internet fame. However, they inadvertently stumbled upon real ghosts, embarked on time-travelling adventures, and encountered a particularly nasty little mouse, finding themselves in a series of sticky situations.

Pearl White's Smile Guide (2021)

By Abigail Garrett

Pearl White is your very first baby tooth, faithfully by your side since the very beginning. She has acquired valuable knowledge on maintaining a pristine smile and is eager to teach you all about what she has learned.

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